Parish Info

St. Frances Cabrini Catholic Community serves Lakewood, Pierce County, and Joint Base Lewis-McChord and  Camp Murray (National Guard).  We are a diverse community of European, Latin American, Filipino, African, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, Samoan, Chamorro and Pacific Islander cultures.

Mission of St. Frances Cabrini Parish —

United with Christ in the Church, we are called to holiness.  We gather as a COMMUNITY to welcome one another in the richness of our diversity and to be transformed and strengthened through WORD and WORSHIP of our GOD.  We are called to SERVE with justice through the Spirit who renews all life.


COMMUNITY, WORD, WORSHIP, and SERVE — guide our activities as a Catholic parish.

  • We acknowledge our parish as our source of strength, consolation and encouragement.
  • Our liturgy gathers our community as a praying people. This same liturgy sends us forth to transform the world by proclaiming and living out God’s love for us through Jesus with the help of the Holy Spirit.