Baptism for infants to 6 yrs


Guidelines for Baptism Preparation and Celebration:  (Guidelines are also available in a yellow brochure available in the parish office )

This preparation is for infants (newborn to 6 years old).

  • All emergencies and special circumstances will be case-by-case; however, Baptisms outside of the above schedule only because godparents or family are coming into town at a specific time are NOT sufficient reasons and are NOT considered emergencies;
  • Parents must complete the following before their baptimal date:  schedule an interview, watch the DVD series: “Catholicism”, complete homework, and attend baptism class;
  • Godparents must attend preparation either at this or another Catholic parish and have a letter documenting attendance.  Additionally, godparents should be confirmed Catholics who ACTIVELY PRACTICE THEIR FAITH and regularly receive communion;
  • Please call the parish office (253.588.2141)  for more details, AND to get answers to your questions.