Mission of the Conference

The ministry of a Conference of the Society of St. Vincent de Paul is to bring concrete aid and the comfort of the Gospel to the needy and the suffering. This loving service, in turn, brings each member closer to God and helps the relationship with him grow. This activity witnesses to the world that Christ and his Gospel message are alive today and being preached through action at the local level. Works on behalf of the needy are the most vivid expression of Christ’s presence in the world. Such works he willed to be signs of his messianic mission (Mt. 11: 4-5) in the world.

Vincentians are engaged in many types of ministry on behalf of people. The specific ministry with which the Conference is involved does not belong exclusively to the Society, but to all Christian people and is at the very core of what it means to be a Christian. The Society can and should, as a catalyst and conscience of the local Christian Community, cooperate with parish organizations, neighboring SVdP Conferences, and social service agencies. It will seek to avoid competition and duplication. In any endeavor that is undertaken, assistance from anyone who is sincere and prepared to help, even if only in a small way, should be welcomed. The Society should play a leading role in cooperating with others; it cannot do it alone.

If the Conference is formed at a parish, everyone living in the parish neighborhood should be served, whether they are members of the local Church community or not, since all are joined together through the realities of creation and redemption. As a result, the Conference has a responsibility toward all people in the area.

Blessed Frederic Ozanam

Vincentians look to Christ’s life of service to others for their inspiration. St. Vincent de Paul and Blessed Frederic Ozanam captured this spirit and made it part of their lives and works. This is the heritage which has been transmitted to all Vincentians.

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul and its special ministry of bringing concrete aid and the comfort of the Gospel to the needy and suffering should be seen in the broader context of the Church’s saving mission in the world and understood as part of it.

The Church, like the Lord Jesus, exists to announce the coming of God’s Kingdom, to be a sign of its presence in time, and to usher in the Kingdom of God through various good works.

This mission given to the Church is to bring the Gospel and holiness to all and to transform and renew all creation by making present Christ’s saving redemption. This saving redemption or healing presence of Christ is made available through many channels in the Church: liturgy and the sacraments, the scriptures, in prayers, and in the person-to-person contacts and relationships that exist between and among members and those they meet.

It is in this last category, person-to-person relationships, that the apostolate or ministry of the local Conference of the Society is predominantly found. Vincentians make Christ’s healing presence felt through their loving presence to those who are needy or are suffering. By their own love for Christ, they bring the hope that Christ brought into the world; namely, that things can be different and that needless suffering can be diminished through person-to-person caring.

If you have questions about the Society or are interested in becoming a member please call either:  Patrick Gums, President at 253-301-8824 or Bev Krashin, Vice President at 253-984-0700.